Meredith Jordan worked for a variety of news organizations on the east coast for 25 years before moving west to cover below-the-line arts and artistry, and business, of “Hollywood.” She is an author and journalist who has worked as a reporter, writer, researcher, editor, and, once, as a carnival worker. Meredith has taught courses on select subjects, like the movie industry, and is available as a speaker or lecturer. She is always looking for the next project, or the one after that.  

Top Gun Memos: The Making and Legacy of an Iconic Movie
Coming from Citation Press, Fall 2021





The Story Of The Classic Movie

TOP GUN MEMOS: The Making and Legacy of An Iconic Movie is guaranteed to blow some windows out of the tower when it’s released.

The book, the latest from author Meredith Jordan, tells the remarkable story of Top Gun. It’s based on interviews with more than 80 people who bring life to 1,200-plus pages of studio, production, government and other documents, and hundreds of news accounts.

Rich in detail, TOP GUN MEMOS includes the good, the creative, and occasionally, the ugly. This is the honest story of the long-lived film and its exceptional filmmakers.

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Top Gun Memos

Below The Line

Below the Line: Anatomy of a Successful Movie is a nonfiction narrative about how major motion pictures are made today using one movie as a vehicle. As the book follows the people making Last Vegas, it stops along the way to explain process and different aspects of the business, from creating sets to costuming.
The movie stars are well known - Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline and Mary Steenburgen - but in this book they play supporting roles. Instead, the leads are the people behind the camera, the director (Jon The Meg Turteltaub) and a huge cast of artists and artisans, designers and creators, overseers, office and logistical support, editors and musicians.
Below the Line is a real time look at professional moviemaking in an industry that continues to change as rapidly as the rest of the world. It proves movies are a collaborative art form.

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Below the Line Book


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